Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Flapping Wings...

Ever since I saw Seb Vettel first race around a Williams back in '07, I instinctively knew he was the future, so from his Torro Rosso stint which saw the ex Minardi team grab their first pole and victory in '08 to his runaway glory last year in the Red Bull, RBR have received my supreme contention.

(Kimi... I'm looking forward to you making a comeback next year... Don't pull an MS please...)

But even my utmost demi-god reverence for Vettel went frailly human after the Turkish GP wherein Vettel, rather foolishly, tried ousting Webber and landed himself in the slammer. Deep down I knew it was his own fool-hardiness but then the pedestal was rather high up and I felt more at ease by putting the blame clearly in Webbers garage.

Come the British Grand Prix and after the "wing swap" prior to the qualifying session, my rigid stand point for all things just and fair stood its unshakeable ground and I was all for Webber.

Sure enough the race panned out rightly so and Webber stormed to his third victory of the season while Vettel's scorn of youth destroyed his pole advantage and at least gave him some points.

Hope the Flying Bulls get their act together and keep their eye on the prize or else the Brits are gonna come up from behind and snatch the '10 Championship from right under their flapping wings...

Reminiscent of Kimi scooping the '07 title from the feuding McLaren's of Alonso and Hamilton...

Read Mark Webber's interview here

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  1. Great post! I like your word flow! Keep at it!