Sunday, June 16, 2013

Random Access Memories | Daft Punk 
One of the best albums in the history of music by a legendary electronic music group - Daft Punk. I bought the album a couple of days ago and I've run it cover through cover over a twenty times. It has to be the most soul satiating piece of art in ages.

The tracks are beautifully crafted - the richness of live instrumentation with the deftness of electronic modulation - which gives me a super smooth and flawless sound. Pharrell Williams expounds his genius on stand out tracks "Get Lucky" and more so on "Lose Yourself To Dance" which gives me a feeling of what the clubs in the late 70's would have been like. Neon colors and dandies and dandizettes letting their bodies move to the rhythmic flow of funk guitars and flush bass and drums. Letting them move like sex.

Other of my gems on this masterpiece are "Instant Crush (Feat. Julian Casablancas of The Strokes); "Giorgio by Moroder" which is inspired by Giovanni Giorgio Moroder - a disco pioneer who I'm learning of now and "Contact" where the drum works and melody are off the hook and fanta-bulous!

It's like Daft Punk travelled through the recent ages and different time zones membraining their various sounds and cultures and once content, they decided to flavour it all together and bang it out of Motown!
The music gives you the simultaneous feeling of reminiscing the past and enjoying the journey of your life till date to savour the present, while you excitedly look forward to the future and infinity beyond.  

Definitely worth getting the CD and vinyl record for the collection. This is timeless.

....And Then Some Ace Hood

Bugatti (Feat. Future & Rick Ross)

Need Some A$AP...

Wild For The Night (Produced by Skrillex)

F***kin Problems (Feat. 2 Chainz, Drake & Kendrick Lamar)